DID Actor

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User Experience and Development Personas for Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials.

🚧 did:web assumes that you trust / control the web hosting service.

This assumption might not be great for service provides who cannot be trusted to protect user privacy.

For example: did:web:hospital.example:patients:123 is a terrible idea… this would allow the hospital to observe when the patient used their identity.

Supply Chain Persons

See supply-chain


See healthcare


Alice, did:web:did.actor:alice

Example of a revocation list maintained by alice

Bob, did:web:did.actor:bob

Example of a credential issued by alice to bob

Carol, did:web:did.actor:carol

Mike, did:web:did.actor:mike


It’s often desirable to have Test DIDs that are readable, and that might have some additional context that is useful to lean on for development. By using github and did:web, we can provide such dids and everything needed to support them.

About DID Web

You can learn more about did:web here.

Note that this demo uses experimental did:web functionality not currently supported by the Universal Resolver.